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To change the hair color is expensive. Particularly when you go to the hairdresser. Because of that I decided to do it on my own. My natural haircolor is dark blonde. If you have the same hair like me you should be fine with a copper coloration.

Was mache ich?

1. Wash your hair with a special cleansing shampoo.

2. Dry your hair. After that it is easier to handle it.

3. Now you have to use hair clips. So you can separate wisps of your hair for a better application of the coloration.

4. Use special color products to wash your hair.

5. Now I have a tip of a stylist for you. I was very thankful for this tip because i did it wrong the whole time. Don't use any scourable conditioner if you have red hair. There always different salts included, that make you lose your red much faster. I advise a sprayable lotion, that you keep within your hair, just like the hairoil.

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