Friendship until the End of the World

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Why always complain when there's so much good? I'm talking a lot about my friend. I admire her. Yes, really. And because of that I want to say it to her right now and right here:

I know you since Kindergarten and I really got to know you starting 5th or 6th grade. Since then we're inseparable. Even when there are times we were living far away from each other and we still are now. Whenever we see each other, it's like we're back in 6th grade and when we exchanged Pokémon-cards or saved our money for a new "Beanie Baby" every month, or when we watched "Dragonball" with your sister or singing "Chala Head Chala" aloud. It's just a well-known feeling, without thinking that we're alienating from each other. Ok, we haven't been singing Anime-songs lately, but this warm well-known feeling is still there, just like back in the days.

It has been 16 years, since we're friends. I remember that there were times, when you had problems in school and teachers were already giving up on you. But you made your way to the top and graduated with amazing grades. Although you're still young you already are done with your masters degree. But what really impresses me is your zest for action. You're just imperturbable. You casually told me once: "I'm going to Australia." You said that like you'd tell me you're going to the hairdresser tomorrow. I have to admit, at first I didn't believe that you'd actually do it. But you did it, were gone for over a year and now you live and work there. This shows your courage and discipline. Dear Maja, I admire you from all my heart. And I really think, that you could be an example for others. Thank you for being a good friend for so many years. And I hope you'll stay my friend for a long time, even though you're living at the end of the world.

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