Visiting Key West

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Key West: The most idyllic and nicest city I've ever seen. We were pretty sure that we would visit the city in the south of Florida before we even stared our trip. To be honest I did not expect much of our stay there. Maybe just a small sweet town you "just have to see" as a tourist. But already the drive there was very impressive. You go straight the whole time for four hours, passing all of the other Keys. Once we arrived, a carribean flaire, relaxed but no overacting people and wonderful tiny houses welcomed us in Key West. Personally, it is very difficult to describe a feeling like this exactly. There are just so many influences creating an overall picture. I am sure if you are there you'll be able to understand what I'm trying to tell you guys. The city is so charming. I am very sure I want to go back there some day. I already showed you pictures of Key West on my blog a few days ago. Click here.

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