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vicky_pool_bikini_02sw"I have to work that day!"
With these words, my friend ditched me the other day. The same friend has a new job since a couple of months and- at the beginning- was really happy about it. And now she "has to" work. She probably didn't think about these words when she said them, since she's saying it all the time. And "I have to work" is- unfortunately- a common saying. But why? And do we really "have to" work in that way we think we do?
This week I was asked "How long do you have to keep working today?" I reacted, "well, I'm voluntarily working here, I don't have to do anything!". Surprised by my reaction, I kept thinking about my words. I came to the conclusion, that it's naturally trained to answer like this. I had a lot of talks where I said something like "Yes, we can travel and have fun, small jobs - but that's only possible if I don't have a family to care about yet". Or I talked to people that are unhappy about their job and asked them why they keep working there. A lot of them responded, that these persons are too old to travel, don't have any money, can't separate themselves from their family and that my way of thinking is naive. The reasons not to love your life how you really want it are plenty.
What's wrong with leaving your homebase, eventhough you're planning of having kids? And what's wrong with building up something new, even though you don't have a lot of money? No matter what answers you guys find right now, I'm convinced that all those answers only come from your scares and needs of security.

You feel like creating goatcheese? Then get it done! Find a way of learning the craft.

You want to sing? Keep working on it. Take lessons and get a coach.

You want to travel? Save your money for a year and let's go!

You want to become a Voiceover artist? Get voiceover- and acting lessons. You can easily do this next to your job, start building up your dream!

Of course, all these things never work in a day. But to have grudge on someone just because he/she does what he/ she loves is messed up, too. Usually, those people have worked years to reach their goals and they left their comfort zone. How many people did envy me for my Blog? I tell them that I stopped waiting tables and accepted that I only was able to afford oatmeal for months. Back then, I was fighting hard, so my blog could grow. And now I'm proud to say, that I do what I truly love. And when you guys eventually do what you love, be thankful that you don't "have to work" anymore, but are fortunate to work.

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