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diary_01Cafe latte and cake in a cafe in Hamburg.

She's asking: "How have you been?"
"Blogging is fullfilling me although it's a lot of work. It always bothers me when I post a little less and my clicks are getting less, too. That's why I keep working hard."
My friend just responded: "You bloggers...it's always the same with you..."

It's hard for other people to understand why I'm so in love with my blog. I practically see it as my baby. I watched it grow, and care so much about it. I wonder why people react negative about something I truely love doing, especially my friends. Shouldn't they be happy for me that I love my job?

I don't want to put something in their mouths, but I believe that a lot of people don't like seeing others happier, more satisfied with their lives than themselves.

Or maybe my friend just wanted to show me that she believes it's not good to work that much. But I would never go up to her and say "hey, do this or that". Shouldn't people respect their friend's lifes just how they are?

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