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I recently started using Snapchat. I must admit that I had some trouble getting used to it, since the app is a lot different than other social media sites. But after playing around with it a little, me and "Ghostface Killah" are getting along quite well. I really turned into a Snapchat-Fan, since this app is really interesting for me as a blogger and also for my followers.
I've made a video for you, explaining what Snapchat is, and why I think it's so interesting for bloggers and their followers. I believe it can easily become as important as Instagram and Facebook. The video is only available in German, sorry guys. But here are the most important points for you. By the way my snapchat nick is 'vickywanka'. Please follow me <3

Conclusion - Snapchat for Bloggers


  • Easy to use and uncomplicated uploads
  • No ways to "photoshop", there's no way to chose between tons of filters (which can be really time-consuming)
  • Authentic "Stories" offer an additional benefit to the followers, since there's no possibility for post-production
  • "Stories" are happening directly after the upload, so the reader gets a "live" experience.
  • You're posting without caring about likes and comments
  • Soon you can pay with Snapchat. It's called "Snapcash" and- right now- only available in USA. It can only be used from age 18 and older. Here's a video


  • There's no archive, everything is being deleted after max. 24 hours
  • There's no chat history
  • No connection to other services such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • There aren't a lot filters (which can be a "pro", too)
  • No Hashtags, so it's impossible to find pics if you're not following me already

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