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Buy, consume, trash – this is how our society works today. Although I also do run into shops that pretend to be fair and sustainable (but are actually far and away from that), I'm trying to take care of my consumption and don't eat too much pollutive things. I even take the train or go by bike as often as I can and, additionally, always carry a canvas tote bag or an old plastic bag with me for possible purchases so I don't have to take a new one.

Why do I tell you all this? I really do think I should post more often about sustainability – even though I'm not always acting sustainable and am far from being perfect at all. But at least I'm trying to live more conscious compared to so many others that only try to find mistakes in people like me.

As you can see, it is really hard to stand up for something. Most of the people expect others to be perfect, while they are not acting perfect at all. And they don't get, how naiv it makes them look by saying something like "Oh, you eat vegan? So, why are you wearing leather shoes?" -just because I don't wanna throw away my old pair. These people are not willing to understand that I'm at least trying to act responsible.

Among others, I'm writing about this topic, because I'm wearing a shirt of a label that produces sustainable clothes. All the things of "Hafendieb" are produced fair and ressource-efficient.

I think there are a lot of people who want to make the world a better place. But they don't have the courage to shout out loud because of the bad feedback they're afraid to receive. With this post I want to encourage all of you guys who feel like me to say: "I am not perfect, I love to eat a good piece of steak in a restaurant or I like to have a long-distance flight once in a while. But I do take care in my everyday life and want to leave a good footprint on this earth!". Be strong and proud and always remind yourself: Sustainability is the future. Resources are limited and if everyone here keeps being ignorant, then the society will be faced with a big problem much sooner than we all think.

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