My Hair Catastrophe

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The night before Fashion Week I wanted to refresh my hair color. No big thing – at least I thought so. I even had a coloration from the brand I always used. And the packaging said "seductive copper". After washing out I was shocked: My hair looked like a firefighter's helmet. It turned out to be a disaster and since it was the night before Fashion week, I couldn't change anything back afterwards.
And of course I know there are things much worse. But when I'm buying a coloration that's labeled "copper", it's gotta be copper and not RED. Right?

By the way: I did want to have that Ombré-Look. I just wanted to refresh the upper color like I always do every once in a while.

Fortunately, everyone I met at Fashion week was highly enthusiastic about my new hairdo. I guess I'm just trying to relax and hope that this red color washes out as fast as it always does.


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