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Yesterday I was forced to notice that "happy-hippo"-postings are not as admired as "beef“-posts. Too bad, really! But I guess that’s just the way it is. Nevertheless, everything I said in this post is what I truely believe. To make it up I have such a let’s-make-peace-post for you today. It’s going to be an article about true friendship:

This week I’m staying at one of my oldest and longest friends. I live in Hamburg and she moved to Dusseldorf. Because of the distance, our quality time together is really rare. During these "lonely" times without that significant other person I noticed that there is a big difference between friends you just met a few months ago and those you’ve been knowing for most of your life. Those friends you feel so comfortable with that everyhting is just self-explaining and easy.

This might sound a bit cheesy, but I feel like the best friends are just a part of your family – even more than that, because you actually chose them.

They put up with the flaws and craziness of the other and even if there’s a fight now and then, they get over it really fast. They are always a part of you and every minute with them just feels comfy and warm.

Next to my friend in DUS, there is another „BFF" in Munich and even one more in Australia. Although you guys are so far away I always feel connected to you. And when we see each other again after months or years passed by, it suddenly feels like the time we were in school together, sitting there during lunch, changing our Pokémon-Cards or planning the next school paper.

Nothing really is different even though everything changed.
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