Blogging as a Business

Anzeige - mit Affiliate-/Werbelinks


Sometimes I hear myself talking the busines-blogger-talk à la "for this and that you get more likes" or "post it later, get more views ". When I hear other bloggers talk about only posting what's good for their image by creating a virtual version of themselves that doesn't actually exist, I do not wanna be one of them at all.

I remind myself why I started blogging years ago in the first place. At that time blogging wasn't a business. It was a small secret in the internet you didn't tell anyone about. Ok, there were a couple of guys in Germany who already made money with blogging. But the rest? We had fun working on our own thing and loved getting in touch with our community. Yeah, we actually wanted to work for free just because we enjoyed doing it.

Meanwhile a lot of time has passed and I'm truly happy of what I've experienced by blogging. Additionally, I'm really thankful for all the new friends I got. Of course it's great to have made blogging a business – just thinking of the possibility of being free to blog more and not depending financially on another job.

There're still those other bloggers (I call them "business-bloggers") who started blogging after they found out there's money in it. Of course not everyone who starts his/her blog now does it to earn money. But there are certain bloggers who are totally different in real life than their virtual reality. I guess that's ok, too, because it's just the way things are changing. Still, I believe these bloggers change an innocent hobby into a business – for everyone involved.

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