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We all know it: We gotta get ready because we'd look like crap otherwise. We put on all that make up stuff because we don't count ourselves to one of those magical people who wake up pretty & beautiful as hell. But we don't wanna look "made-up" everyday either. At least this is my opinion. But sinceI really love to look fresh and awake in my everyday life, I got some make up hacks to look naturally good without glitter or glue. And it just takes around 15 minutes. Here's my step by step instruction to look naturally and freshly made up:

1. Wash your face with clear water. Maybe you want to do a peeling from time to time to get into the smaller pores

2. Use your moisturizer while your face is still wet

3. Take your time so the moisturizer can dry. Otherwise you 're going to have problems with your foundation and it could get patchy

4. Start with your foundation after five minutes

5. I always use a brush so the make up gets in every pore. After that I always whipe with my hands thorugh my face and try to fade the color out of my neck

6. Use a little bit of powder to fix it

7. Here I have a hack for you to make your make up last longer. But you shouldn't do it so often: Close your eyes and use hairspray

8. Now use nude colors to get your eyes ready. The best bet is to use three colors: light, beige and brown. Start with the light eyeshadow color on the upper eye lids and directly under your eyebrows. Then use beige for the lower eye lids and to get more shape. Finally, use brown to outline your upper eye lids and accent your creases

9. Lashes: First use an eyelash curler, then mascara, dry and once again mascara

10. Now using a light pink nuance on your lips. The same for your cheek bones

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