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vicky sw

Yes, they do excist – the 100%-fulltime Bloggers. By now, we're all aware of that. And I know how hard it is and how often they come across incomprehension. I really do respect that. But I also salute to all those people who blog beside their fullltime job or school/college. I know that it really isn't easy to handle a job, blog, boyfriend, friends at the same time and still find a moment here and there for doing nothing.

While others come home after work and just chill, for all on-the-beside-bloggers there are mailboxes waiting and postings to write, outfit pictures to take (probably after work or during your lunch break) and a lot of photoshopping to do.

Statistics are subjects to change from month to month, especially for on-the-side-bloggers, as they sometimes have more and sometimes less time to blog, which consequently leads more or less viewers per month. And it's the same with bloggers who go to college. Of course you don't have time to blog if there are tests and you have to study, and of course your statistics aren't great in that period as in your semester breaks.

Of course I understand, that a blog should have a large coverage to be interesting for companies. But all I am saying is, that it sucks reducing the creative and very personal work of a blog to a couple of numbers within your statistic.

There are a lot of "bigger" bloggers, that I really don't care about, where, at the same time, there are a bunch of "smaller" niche, authentic blogs that I check out on a very regular basis.

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