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A Sunday morning in February: tanned legs, perfect pedicure, fresh berries, everything perfectly arranged on a wrinkle-free, white blanket. Additonally: fresh tulps perfecting the picture. This is not about me. It kinda looks like the opposite in my place. But it pictures the instagram accounts of many girls showing off this perfect sunday morning idyll and it really makes me feel bad about myself.

Last week I talked to a friend about blogs. Even though she's a bit older than me, we share the same thoughts about Instagram. We talked about how absurd it is to post those pictures I just told you about. Pictures like that are, of course, inspiring, yes. But most of all: they are frustrating. Because when I look down on myself on a Sunday morning, I see very big jogging pants, unshaved legs and splintered nailpolish on my toes. And my food? Not even worth posting in this whitewashed Instagram world – except for the size of my portion! Let's be be honest: who gets full of those xxs instagram portions??

And now we're back at this little word "euphemism". Is this real life? Do people really live like this behind their yellow Instagram filters?

I catch myself thinking that I should buy the matching flowers to the color of my food. But I immediately correct my thinking. This is just not reality and I am sure it cannot be the reality for all these people behind these perfect pictures.

Do young girls around 12 really understand that this isn't real life? Everything should look like something that doesn't excist. Or probably it is pretty normal for this generation to pretend everything is perfect even though it isn't.

At these perfectly styled pictures, I always think about the cold oatmeal and the chaos out of the focus of those photos. The flowers were bought a day before, extra for taking this one picture with them, so their color fit to the berries - totally absurd, this is all I can say.

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