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You guys asked me why I changed my bangs. I gotta admit that I've never told you guys. I explained why I shortened the length of my hair but not why I am not wearing straight bangs anymore. So, why did I change them? I often go outside without a lot of make up or without having my hair done before. If you're wearing bangs you gotta give 'em some attention in the morning. I've always used a hair curler so the hair gets a nice flow. But after a long time with bangs I just needed a change.

If you guys are thinking about getting bangs I have some pros and contras to simplify the decision:

Pros – why you should get bangs:

  • If you have the face for bangs you will look amazing with it
  • Straight bangs really look special so you can be sure your hairdo stands out from the crowd

(Ok, greeeat pros, right?;)

Cons – why you shouldn't get bangs:

  • It really takes some time – every day
  • You often have to control your bangs during the day
  • Wearing beanies and hats gets more complicated, trust me...
  • Bangs are getting oily very fast
  • You have to cut the bangs very often

You see – there are more negative points. Eventually you just have to try it. I had real thick and long bangs. So I had the chance to wear them on the side when the bangs annoyed me. So, if you guys want to have bangs, first try the long version. Any questions?

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