How to write a Diary-Post

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As you guys already know, I'm writing on a regular basis sunday posts. I'm writing about personal stuff and I'm giving you a private view into my thoughts. A few years ago, I used to write a private diary. I've always been a head strong person who used to think about everything. Often I could not just relax and turn off my thoughts. So I started to write a diary. My head was really getting "lighter" and my thoughts stopped circling around the whole time.

Meanwhile my strong head doesn`t depress me anymore. Now, for me it is like a big plus, so I am able to get things more detailed than others. Since I'm always thinking I just have to wait for text ideas like a fisher by the sea waiting for fish. When I think of an interesting idea I just have to catch it and transform it into words.

Tips to help you to write these kind of texts:

  • Problems finding a topic? Start noticing your thoughts – it doesn`t matter how small and unimportant they seem, just write them all down. A few days later you should check all your notes and pick one to write a text about
  • Do you still have complications finding a topic? Try to remind yourself of topics you get emotional about. I always write the best texts when I am really upset or passionate about something
  • First write without inhibitions – following the slogan "dance like nobody's watching" write your text like "nobody's watching", it really helps
  • If you have problems finding the right structure for your text, take an existing one as a template. Of course you do not copy the content – it is just for you to get a feeling for the composition of a text

For me it's really important to let your text "sleep". Write it, correct it and put it away for one night. The following day you'll see many more things you didn't notice before.

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