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Working for a fashion magazine is the dream of many young girls. I am very lucky to work for a popular German magazine additionally to my blog. But how did I get this job and why do I still call myself a fulltime-blogger?


I studied fashion journalism. I already had my blog when I started my studies at the academy in Hamburg. During my time in college I had the chance getting to know many interesting people from the business and so I had the chance to start writing online, for instance.


During my studies I had an internship at a German magazine. I noticed very fast that I really like working in a fashion editorial and that it's the perfect match to my job as a blogger.


I applied to a job and started as a fashion assistant. What is that exactly? It is a regular job for one or two years. You're assisting the editors, ordering samples, joining shots and going to PR events. But where am I getting with this? I've been in this position for one and a half years now. If you are lucky and you are good you’ll become an editor after this assistance. But often the people work as freelancers (i.a. stylists) after their assistance job.

If you are interested in fashion journalism don’t hesitate to ask me everything you want to know. I advice you to do an internship before your studies to get a feeling for the job. I'm really happy to be a fashion journalist and blogger but this is only my personal opinion.

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