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A few years ago I was hunting: I wanted to wear things others would only wear in a few years. It wasn't important for me to have expensive things, I just wanted to discover new styles no one ever wore before.

At those times I was really crazy about things. I thought I needed them now and no minute later. I really HAD to buy them. If they were too expensive I was in a bad mood for a couple of days.

And today? I'm not going shopping that often anymore. Maybe it's because I get a lot of stuff for free as a blogger. Maybe it's because of my boy: He gets really angry if I buy too much stuff. But maybe it ist just because I feel much more balanced now. Maybe struggles in life are something to compensate with buying clothes?

The longer I am working in fashion the more I am really fed up with the people who are just wearing trends. I know it sounds cynical, I know that I also present trends on my blog.

Nevertheless, I don't feel that urge to go shopping in my free time anymore. I'm just wearing things I feel comfortable with and I am trying to combine old things in a different way. Maybe I know now that it so much more important how you wear something – more important then what you wear.

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