Against Eye Circles

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tipps_gegen_augenringeIt is really great to hear from some readers I should cover my eye circles (not!). You can be sure that I know about that problem! Now, I don't want to hate against haters. I just want to give you guys some quick tips against pouches:

  • Cool your eye lids with cold Red Bull cans. They have the best size to fit exactly on your eyes
  • Wear glasses – of course this is just an optic thing but it really makes a good job and covers circles
  • Hats – they are perfect because the shadow of the hat reduces your pouches optically
  • I really love the cream "Magnificence Yeux" von Lierac Paris because it works! It feels like wrinkles getting smaller and pouches getting better after using this cream
  • Use rouge or bronzer like I show you in the video below (4:15). It is in German but the main point is you have try to fade the color right into your circles so they seem to be smaller
  • Do not use dark eyeliner right under your eyes. This makes you look very tired. It is better you use a lot of mascara to open your eyes

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