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A breath-taking look is no mumbo-jumbo. At this photo you can see the products I've been using for the sensitive skin around the eyes, for the growth of my lashes and for the perfectly natural looking eye make-up. Additionally I tell you guys how you can go without mascara but still look great!


A few days ago I tested the treatment "LashToGo" here in Hamburg. This is not like extensions for your lashes. It is a shorter and cheaper treatment that gives you great lashes for two or three weeks. It is about 70 Euro and great for a onetime long lashes moment.

But it is not necessarely important to have false lashes for perfekt looking eyes. I think the products "around" the eyes are more important than anything else. Here you can see my favorite beauty products for a breath-taking look:

1. LIERAC Magnificence Yeux: This is a creme against wrinkles and swollen eyes. You shpuld use it everyday. I tested a lot of cremes. For me this one is the best

2. Augenmanufaktur WowBrow Pen light: I really love this eyebrow pen. It is very natural and your brows don't look like there is any colour on them (as you can see on my pictures)

3. Boom Eyes Mascara: I really love it because it has a great brush splitting the lashes and lasting the whole day

4. Adonia Lash Alive Serum: This product is a little bit expensive. But it really works and lashes getting longer

5. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics: I am sure you already know this eyeshadow range. I am so in love with all these nude colors. They are perfect to create a natural looking make up

Thanks to "Augenmanufaktur"

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