Being Thin

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I am 170 cm and my weight is 53 kilos – sometimes more, sometimes less. For me it is important to be in a good shape. I eat healthy and i go to gym quit often. And that`s exactly what I'm never allowed to say. About a topic that is "taboo" – being slim and loving it.

I am healthy, athletic and would never starve to correspond to a doubtful ideal. But when I start to talk about my eating habits and my workout plan the others just start rolling their eyes: "There is no need for it!". No? Are you really only allowed to do sports and eat salad instead of pizza when you wanna lose weight?

When it is obvious you have a few pounds too much it is ok you're talking about food, how you lose weight and the best workout plans and how bad wheat is. But a few years ago I also had 10 kilos more. So I think I am a good person to talk about that topic. Because, obviously, I did something very right.

I wish a good and aware lifestyle could be more accepted. Not everyone who has a thigh gap starves for it.

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