Weekly-Update 1

Anzeige - mit Affiliate-/Werbelinks


I love weekly reviews on blogs. Now, I am traveling through Sweden, so this is the best time for a new category on my blog: The weekly update. Here I show you new stuff, things that are worth showing and common stuff that happened or will happen.

Thanks to Jana and Masha for inspiring me to this category ♥

Wanna have

In my last post you saw me wearing this Chloé bag I borrowed from Leonie. I really love this one and want to have it.



I had a lot of interesting talk with an editor and really want to be more in the being than in the having in my life (okay, the Chloé bag is out of this plan)


There are some things I didn't tell you before: I booked my flight to Australia trip starting in November! Additionally I am so lucky about a job offer as an online editor for a big German magazine. And of course I said "YES"! Don't worry about the blog, it will go on as usual.


An ironic exaggerated video game world in the 80s with a little bit of Tekken and Dragonball Z, mixed with the trash charme of Karate Kid 1 – "KUNG FURY" is a very recommandable and inspiring action clip of the director and headliner David Sandberg. The movie was crowd funded by over 17,000 backers.


A gasp went through the masses when a man with a penis head (yes, you heard right) went through Hamburgs biggest shopping street. Big media reported about it. Now the penis is out of the bag (well, kinda): It was all a funny promotion idea of the DJ act Van de Laser. Here’s the video (including the penis man) which was shot in Santiago de Chile. Little exercise: Can you find the condom? 😉

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