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OMG! Guys, I did it! Many people not to dye my red hair into grey. But I really wanted to have a change after being a redhead for four years.

It was very important for me to not just copy the trend. I wanted to have my "own thing" right into this granny hair thing. So I hope you like the result.

Steps – Ginger to Granny

1. We had to bleache my hair TWICE because I had three different nuances before (the darker hairline, the lighter hair-ends and everything between). Before:


Here you can see the first bleaching step and how they washed my hair with silver-shampoo to reduce a yellow tint

grannyhair-vorher-nachher-05 grannyhair-vorher-nachher-02

2. After that we had to bleache the hair one more time because there was a little red tint left. We used Olaplex to repair the hair while they were dyed


3. After six hours of dyeing thee hair we started with the grey color

4. From now on everything went very fast. The team applied the color, waited just a few minutes and started to wash the hair

5. It sounds very easy – with the girls it was a lot of fun. But we started 11:30 AM and finished at 9 PM. Coming soon: I want to show you my new products and hacks what you can do to care your granny hair perfectly


Here are some impressions from the day and more pictures of my new look:
grannyhair-vorher-nachher-10 grannyhair-vorher-nachher-09 grannyhair-vorher-nachher-08


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