Care For Granny Hair

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Grey hairdos - natural or dyed - have one thing in common: They can turn yellowish. For you, I'm presenting two really amazing products that take care of your grey hair the best way possible. Using these you can be sure your color will be long lasting and nice for a long time – without turning yellow!

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Glynt Mangala Stones Shampoo (click here)


The stone shampoo is living up to its name: It has a grey color and it is giving your hair a grey shine. I really like the shampoo because it is an easy way to obtain the color for a long time and prevent yellowness.

Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask (click here)


Guys, I am sooo happy I discovered this hair mask. Why, you're asking? Because it's the best!! It really is! Unfortunately it is a little bit expensive. But I really think it's worth the money and also offers the right value for the price. You just need a small piece of the product for your hair and after the treatment you will love the structur of it. It's worth trying!

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