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Working in a fashion editorial, writing articles, going to events – the dream of many people. I’ve been talking about my job in fashion a while ago already. You asked me about a more detailed description. Since I’m a fashion editor now, I’m gonna grant you that wish.

How you may know, I’ve been studying fashion journalism, interned at fashion editorials, and worked as an assistant editor. Since I had been working years on my blog passionately but "on the side", I immediately knew that I did not want to work full time as a fashion editor.
Since August, I’m working part time as a fashion editor at an online-mag, and the free time that I’m having I’m working on my blog.
Easy as it sounds, I’ve been working incredibly hard for this. Most of all, it took a lot of self-confidence, discipline, and flexibility.

Today I’m giving you some tipps and I will share my way into the fashion industry. But if you want to go this way, work hard and don’t expect anyone waiting for you. A lot of very young and talented people want this job too.

I’m lucky enough to work for a well known magazine. But how did I do this?


It all started with my blog. Even when I was 14, I knew that I wanted to work in the field of journalism, I was the head of a new student magazine and, right after graduation, applied at a couple of radio stations.

I interned for a year at different radios, and learned a lot. I've already had to prove my commitment: Nightshifts, morning shows (getting up at 3 am) and incredible independent working was expected. Not a job for someone who „just goes with the flow“. I had to step out of my comfort zone but then collected a lot of professional work experience. My main jobs were: recording qutoes of people on the street, editing the recordings so they could go on-air, concert reports, research, writing the VIP-News.
Doing these internships, I kinda started my apprenticeship by accident – I also did it at these radiostations, since they were looking for someone by the time. After finishing my apprenticeship in the fields of marketing, I started as a project manager and – at the same time – took over the online blog of the radio. At the beginning the blog was only part of the radio’s website. That has been about five years ago.


While working on the job (as described above), I noticed, that I really loved the field of fashion journalism. I have never even heard of that term, that’s way I started reading about how to learn more within this field. I stumbled upon the offer of of a school rather quickly, applied and got excepted. I stopped my marketing carreer and started taking courses in fashion journalism and media communication (officially, it’s not a college degree but an apprenticeship aswell). However, by now you can also get your bachelor’s degree). While „studying“, I made great contacts.


Part of my studies was an internship at an editorial office of a magazine. I noticed that I loved working at a fashion editorial, my duties were a perfect supplement to what I did with my blog. They offered me an assistant job.


Fashion-Assistance – What’s that? It is a full-time job within the editorial and usually takes one to two years. In that time you’re mainly working with editors, ordering samples for PR-agencies (samples are the lastest fashion collection and you’re borrowing them from the agency, you’re accompanying shootings and visiting press-events). I just finished this assistance job. If you’re lucky, you are offered a job as an editor afterwards. But usually they work as a freelancer first– as a stylist for example. My assistance time was really intensive and I don't want to miss the kind of team I worked for.


Being an assistant, I was offered the position as an online-editor. I'm very thankful for that. By now, I've been in this job for five weeks. I love doing research for topics, writing about it and seeing it online just a few days later. Of course I can't tell you about my salary, but if you check out online-redakteur.biz, it's saying that online editors in Germany get around 3.000,00€ before taxes.


If you are interested in becoming a fashion journalist and still have questions, I'd love to answer them. Of course was all this my own personal way. There are a lot different ways to reach what you want and I also took a bit of a detour by starting at a radio and then in marketing. Generally speaking I advise you to do internships to take a good look at the job. Possibly before you're going to college. Everybody has a different view of jobs and I can only speak for myself. By being a fashion- journalist/blogger I definitely found my dreamjobs. I'm wishing you the best of luck whatever way you're taking.

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