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I really don't understand why people like fall season in Germany. Of course, I get the romantic idea of it: slowing down life, lovely colorplays, cozy turtle necks and comfy evenings with my man while cuddling with a hot water bottle, cacao with cream and long walks with woolen socks in my boots.

But is this reality? My "fally" truth is more like this: Hurrying up to take some pictures for the blog between two periods of cold, wet and stormy weather, hoping my new suede boots will not get dirty because of passing busses driving through wet spots. Cacao with cream? After the half of it my stomach makes me crazy. And the thick woolen socks? Often they are scratchy and after three times of wearing I feel like there's a hole in it. Not to mention the fact that it's the saddest time of the year for me: Everything gets colder, darker, you can see the nature is dying and everything is just cold and wet.

Obviously I'm no fan of fall. Even though this sounds a little bit ridiculous: The only thing I'm really happy about is the fashion during fall. Usually I don't like wearing too much fabrics. But there are so many nice fall/winter trends this year I'm really looking forward to. And one of these are pinafore dresses like I'm wearing in this post. What do you think of these kind of dresses?

Zara (similar here) - Dress
Zara (similar here)- Sweater
Asos (similar here) - Boots

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