Young only once

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„I only want the job if the salary is corresponding.“


„I will do it two or three years, then I have a better base for negotiations.“

„But you're young only once?“

„That's the point!“

Yeah, that's the point! That was what I thought as my friend told me her ambitious plans. I can understand her. A few years ago, no, a few months ago I thought the same about my job. The personal well-being was not that important. And my career was priority number 1 in my life. I was totally fine to not being able to see my friends for weeks and I am sure I would have left my partner if he didn't fit into my job concepts. The most important thing was to perform well and to be successful.

Don't get me wrong: I am a highly motivated person and my current job situation is perfect for me. But something has changed. I changed.

In May my boyfriend forced me to make a digital detox. He really forced me to do it and I was happy he did. Because deep in my heart I knew that this never ending circle of work would have payed its price some day. I don't know why I'm thinking like this being only 27 years old. Maybe because there were some health issues in my family lately or because of a colleague having a heart attack. I'm not sure. I just know I want to take my time to treat myself well. Not at some point, not in ten years like my girlfirend, I want it right now. More time for me and more vitality. I don't want to sacrifice myself for someone who could easily replace me. Why should I?

My girlfriend would answer: "I want to earn enough money to be relaxed."

Yeah, I get that point.

And even her argument to "stand against doubters" makes sense. More: Some months ago I was totally her opinion.

Something changed and I am very much aware that happiness is not something that will last forever. And neither health nor easiness. And certainly not youth. We are young only once and our friends are as well. And we are young now! And not in ten years (I know, this is also young but I am sure you know what I mean).

I tried to explain to her that this kind of sacrifice for a job will be years she'll never get back. Suddenly you will have more commitments or aches. It's her 20s that will pass too fast when you have a 60-80 hours week of work. They will just be gone and you will never get a chance to relive them, especially when she only uses her spare free time regenerating to be fit during work.

My friend is convinced her way is the right way. I am convinced so is mine. Only one can choose what is his or hers priority right now and how he/she defines the concept of life quality. My perfect way of life is to relax a little bit and feel the moment.

I think this is the point why I do not blog so much more even though I would have the time to do it. I really love to work and it totally fullfills me. But being healthy and having quality time is no dress or shirt – you cannot give it back and get a new one when something is broken. It's unique and we should celebrate it every single day. As long as it is easy and there are no commitments. And of course I don't celebrate it every day, but I'm really happy right now and just want to be thought-provoking. Because even you are young only once.

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