Weekly Update 17

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Maybe "lazy" is the wrong word. Because, at least I'm doing a lot of stuff here. The last weeks I was traveling up the eastcoast with a camper van. I started in Sydney where I met my boyfriend Simon (he was a little bit offended I rarely mentioned him  on my blog. So, now all together: say hi to Simon). We had a lot of stops until we finally arrived in Rainbow Beach where we booked a tour to Fraser Island. This was a big highlight and additionally I had my 28th (hell yeah) birthday there. By the way: a post about Fraser Island is coming soon (when I'm not too lazy, you know...). But when there is a lot to see and to discover, of course something like work or checking the mails are not my number 1 prio. So, the first rainy day in Perth is perfect to catch up my work.


Yeah, well, working one day and then I unfortunately need to stop – such a pitty. Why? Because I booked a one week tour from Perth up the westcoast to Exmouth. I'm really looking forward to this trip and you should follow me on Snapchat (vickywanka) and Instagram (see below) to see all stunning areas and beaches I'm going to visit. Stay tuned 🙂



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