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hyamsbeach-01I knew before that saying goodbye is not supposed to be easy. But I also knew that I'm usually loving it when things are changing and to say "goodbye" is not a big thing for me. But this last weekend here in Melbourne was so damn emotional for me that I'm even struggling to write this post. To be honest, I'm not sure what I actually want to tell you guys. But, well, I just try.

So, tomorrow I will take my flight back to Hamburg. Like I already mentioned it was pretty emotional and I was crying just because somebody ask me if I'm really going back tomorrow. Well, that wasn't a really good start in my last day here. But I definitely didn't want to spend that day as a mope. I decided I would need a highlight that cheers me up and booked a skydive. That might sound pretty random and not like a big thing for some of you guys. But I'm really afraid of everything that is dangerous. Usually. Well, I really did it and I'm so proud of myself and happy that I haven't been a chicken (usually I won't even jump from a three-meter-board). Have a look at my Snapchat story to see the skydive: vickywanka.

After that I've been really euphoric and couldn't stop smiling for hours. In the evening I went to the beach to watch the sunset for the last time. I'm really in love with Australian sunsets and I watched them for several times. That was the next emotional moment then and I started crying again. Well, the good news are that this day is almost over and tomorrow is going to be better.

On the flight back I will sort my pictures and thoughts – back in Germany I'm looking forward to use all my clothes for outfit shoots again. Some kind of back to the roots, isn't it? Because after three months of the limited selection of clothes, I'm really looking forward to show you more outfit posts on my blog again. They became kind of rare the last months. So far so good. Like I said I really cannot believe that I'm leaving tomorrow. Maybe there is a small chance that I'll wake up in the morning and my trip just started. That would be fun 🙂

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