Happy Valentine’s Day!

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pink sweater, longe blouse, overknee heels, pink balloons

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. Neither I understand why it is supposed to be so important for couples, nor I can understand why singles making such a big deal of this day. I mean, on that day they are not "more" single than on other days. But basically it is a good idea to remind everyone love is the most important thing in our life. And all the people who are annoyed because of VD that's forcing us to say "I love you" sharing the same idea: Even when there's a lot to say against the 14th of February, it's still a good reminder to think of spreading our love the whole year.

Anyway, I take the occasion to pimp my outfit with twelve pink balloons. Today I'm wearing a pink sweater, a longe blouse and overknee heels for a romantic french look. What do you think about Valentine's Day?

Asos - Sweater
Edited (similar here) - Blouse
Asos - Boots

valentines day, long sweater, white blouse, overknees
valentines balloons, pink-colored sweater, long blouse
jewelry, watch, knitted sweater, blouse with a ribbon

long sweater, long white blouse, black overknees, pink balloons valentines day inspiration, overknees, white blouse, long sweater knitted pullover, love is everywhere, white blouse, black ribbon

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