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It was one of my goals for 2016 to travel do France this year. And finally I did it twice in March. And I am so in love with the romantic architecture, the light buildings, the beautiful language and even the way french people smoke (looks so damn good!). Two weeks ago I've been visiting Paris Fashion Week. And this Week I've been to in La Roche Posay with the same named brand to see the factory and get to know their new products. That was pretty interesting and an amazing trip as well. I'm sure you see one or the other product here on my blog.

Outfit details below. Thanks to Janina Who for taking the pictures. 




*The blog works with affiliate links and samples for photo shoots.

Vila - Sweater
H&M (similar here) - Shirt
Levis - Pants - sample
Steve Madden - Shoes
Chloé (similar here) - Bag
Only (similar) - Glasses


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