Weekly Update 19

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Today I have another Weekly Update for you. The last one was in the first week of January. As you might have noticed my diary posts were also getting less. In today's update I tell you what's the reason for that and I have some other random facts for you:


Unfortunately something sad happened. I started five diary posts about it but never finished them. It's still too emotional at this moment and I don't have the distance to finish an article about this topic. And "finish" is the right keyword now: After four years me and my boyfriend decided to go separate ways. I'm not sure if this is the right place to tell you these "news". But like I said I'm not able to write a long text about him and just saying nothing is not really appropriate I guess. Somehow nothing is really appropriate right now. I mean, if I just say nothing it's weird and if I cry in every post it would be also weird. I know that it sounds strange that my blogs just going on as usual although my world is troubled. But trust me: I had my thoughts about that. A lot of thoughts. On the one hand it is a personal blog and I want to share every single thought with you guys. But on the other hand it is my job and I want to keep on working as before. And I mean every kind of distraction is good for me right now, so I decided to go on as usual. I just wanted to let you know about that and I hope you understand that I'm struggling to post articles about breaking-up. Thank you xx


After the horror of breaking up it is good to have a lot of things to do. And I actually have! On Thursday I will travel to Paris. With Aylin, Franzi and Laura I am going to visit Paris Fashion Week. And it is my first time in the city of love (ironic, isn't it?). Of course you will see all updates on Snapchat (vickywanka) and Instagram . Stay tuned!


I am really happy to be mentioned in the current issue of Grazia magazine. You can see me as a part of the style jury in the "Big Fashion Issue" judging about the outfits of some celebrities like Alexa Chung and Coco Rocha.
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