Favorite Chunky Boots for Fall 2016

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boots for fall, black, parka, rucksack, tulle shirt

Fall is coming closer. Some might be happy about it others not really. But no matter what you think about the upcoming fall/winter season it is definitely undeniable we have to make our closet ready for rainy and colder days.

I've already found my absolutely favorite fall booties: black chunky heel boots with edgy zipper details.

Get the links to the pieces I'm wearing below. 

black boots, parka, patches, black rucksack, black boots, heels bikerboots, high heels, thick solesside view, olive parka, patches, tulle skirt, black boots, rucksack   parka, patches, black rucksack, pleated-front trousers black rucksack, down feathers, grey pants, parka converse rucksack, olive parka, tulle skirt, boots silk shirt, tulle skirt, black biker boots, parka


back view, parka, black rucksack, converse, bootspatches, parka, black boots, zipper details, tulle skirt   winter boots, biker boots, silk shirt, olive parka, patches, rucksack  black rucksack, converse, parka, pants, tulle skirt black boots, high heels, grey pantsside view, parka, patches, tulle skirt, rose, rucksack


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Zalando (similar) - Jacket
Samsoe & Samsoe (similar) - Camisole Shirt
Zara - Tulle Dress
Asos (similar) - Pants
Converse via Görtz - Rucksack - sample
Another A via Görtz - Boots - sample

stairs, black boots, high heels, zipper details, grey pants tulle skirt, rose, silk shirt, black pants, parka, patchesblack boots, thick soles, big zipper, high heels

*Sponsored Post | Thanks to Görtz for sponsoring this post.

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