30 Shopping ideas for Parka

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parka, colored fringed, destroyed jeans, white sneakers

A parka ist the best allrounder piece in your closet: It is perfect on nice summerish fall days and also your best combo partner on rainy days. I really like my choice with cute pompom details. Get the shopping links below and enjoy my parka selection to shop.  

fringes, pompoms, olive parka, lace shirt, lingerie, jeans


back view, olive parka, colored fringes, tassels, white sneakers olive parka, high waist jeans, colored tassels colored tassels, fringes, pompoms, golden wristwatch, olive parka  destroyed jeans, black, white sneakers, olive parka, tassels, fringes lingerie shirt, lace shirt, olive parka, tassels


Zara - Shirt
Asos - Jacket
Dr. Denim - Pants
Reebok - Shoes
Sheen (similar here) - Watch

fransenjacke, parka, pompoms, reebok sneaker, skinny jeans, highwaist, lingerie shirt

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