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Slow Down

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Idleness. Living more consciously, eating deliberately. Seeing my friends intensively. Stopping to look the time. Quality rather than quantity. Cancelling events instead of being everywhere and never arriving anywhere.

It is friday night, almost midnight. I still got 20 more things on my to do list. There is no end in sight and my eyes are starting to get smaller. I already talked about these bloggers, who blog next to their other job. That's pretty amazing. But during everyday life you sometimes forget how much you’re just delivering.

I love my work. But I forgot what I love beside of the work: time for myself, thinking about nothing, binge-watching series, going out to a few bars without the voice in my head: „You have to go to bed early to get up in the morning and work!“

Luckily my ex-boyfriend said at some point: "It cannot go on like this, Vicky“. We packed our stuff and drove to Sweden. I was not allowed to use my laptop or mobile phone. And right there in the idyllic middle of nowhere, I really felt, that I have to take it back a notch.

But I want to work and most important: I want to want! I want to make a lot but I found a compromise – I took the time and travelled to Australia for three months.

What I want to tell you guys: Make sure to take care of the signals of your body. Stop to fill up your body with coffee and start questioning our social norms. We all have been taught that something like being tired or comfy is something bad. It is not productive and shows your weakness. But I think you have to be brave to say „this far and no further“! Conclusion: You can’t help anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first. Then, and only then, you’re able to take care of the needs of others.

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