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About being happy

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Everybody wants it and is obsessed with getting it. Even though everyone act like he already has it. I'm talking about Happiness!
To call ourselves happy, we do all sorts of things that make us look like we're being happy: We buy things we don't need, get all dressed up to get attention and talk better about others, so we superior and maybe happier than them.
But is this really happiness or the desperate try of finding it?

What made me think of this? I've been in Miami a few years ago:

Waking up at 6am by the sound of a couple next to my apartment doing it. I take it easy, since I'm pretty much awake thanks to my jetlag anyways. I'm getting up and go to the beach, where I'm sitting next to some other sleepless people waiting for the sun to go up. I don't have any internet which almost makes me feel like I'm missing out on social media. But I'm just sitting there enjoying my time for myself.

Slowly the day is starting. I'm watching seagulls. I guess, humans would describe their being as unimportant. But every single seagull seems to have a daily task. Even if it may take a couple of hours, and it's the same routine again and again.
Being lost in thoughts and thinking about what seagulls actually do all day, this orange light at the end of the ocean finally starts to rise.

I'm getting goosebumps all over my body, and a tear runs down my chin. I'm fascinated by the beauty of this simple, pure moment, that has been happening for the last billion years or so. Oh boy, this sounds really cliché, but in exactly that moment I started thinking about happiness. I simply felt happy. I felt this moment throughout my whole body.

You see, I believe, happiness can't be a regular, steady state. If I relived this moment every single day, would I still react so strongly to it?
I can't answer this question a 100% correctly. All I know is, that owning things (such as men, clothes, attention) won't make you happy but only give you a kick that feels like happiness. Just like a cover, that hides the true, ugly side of yours.

When I have to answer my question from the beginning, I have to say, that for me, this moment was pure happiness. A moment, where you feel the perfect connection to nature and feel yourself not as a visitor, but as a part of this place.

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