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Self-Tanners | How to rock artificial tan

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selbstbräuner, badeanzug, beauty, sonnencreme, peelingSelf-tanners – I know that is not everyone's favorite thing! Most of you guys are afraid not to look like sun kissed but more like orange or kind of striped. I usually never sit in the sun and trying to tan – so, there is no other possibility than watching out and looking for the best tan lotion for me. What products am I using, how to prepare the skin perfectly and what secret tipp do I have for you guys? I will tell you in the following:


Before you start getting tanned you should ask yourself: What is the best product for me? You should be aware of things like: Smell, color and result. At this point I can just recommend you products that are best for me. I made good experiences with the tan lotions by Australian Gold, Annemarie Börlind and also St. Tropez. There are also products you can apply while showering. But I prefer the usual lotions because the result is more intense.


Before you start applying the lotion you should prepare your skin. No matter what product you'd like to apply, you should definitely pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Shave your legs and arms – any hair left can change the result of the tan .
  2. Use a peeling or a peeling glove (I usually use both) everywhere on your skin where you will apply the lotion to remove old skin scales.


I have got a small but really efficient tipp for you guys how to apply the lotion easily and without leaving any stains on your skin: After taking a shower I do not dry my skin properly. Why? On your wet skin it is so much easier to apply the lotion – try both, you will notice a big difference. Additionally, you should use a tissue or a piece of toilet paper to softly clean your knees and elbows. I also clean my ankles and toenails. Also try to create a soft blending from your feet to your sole. Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards. Just clean the palm of the hands and try to create a nice blend inbetween your fingers. By following those hints I am sure you will get a nice and natural tan. Enjoy summer time ;-*

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