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Instagram Hacks | 5 Photo Accessories making your pictures more successful

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instagram, hacks, tippsHappy 40k! The last couple of months I've been pretty busy trying to make my Instagram channel grow. I was looking for the perfect fitting filters and I was trying to find out what kind of pictures are more popular than others and why.

I've found out there are five special photo-accessories that are always a reason why a picture is more popular than others:


Okay, flowers are always nice to look at, everybody  l o v e s  flowers – so, nothing new at this point. But to show flowers on an Instagram picture is always a reason why it has more likes than other pictures. Just carry them or lay them down in a flat lay to make it more thrilling or romantic. You can also just put them in your bag – I know, nobody would do it in real life but the result on the picture looks brilliant.

P e o n i e s 🎀💕

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Perfect chilly and stylish weekend look 💕

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Wearing a nice bag on a picture might be a challenge. The secret is to make it look naturally. But usually, when you hold it in a way that feels natural to you, it looks strange on the picture. So, just have a look at pictures of other bloggers and try to keep their poses in mind when you shoot a look the next time. Anyway, a nice bag – designer piece or not – is always a bonus for your pictures – especially in a foodie when the bag is next to your burger on the table.

Happy Friday, guys 💕

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Just o b s e s s e d with spring and summer fashion 🤤😍 Who else? 💫

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Nice surroundings or walls in combination to a matching look are always perfect for an Instagram.

Can't wait for spring to arrive ☀️🌴

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We all love special fabrics. To be honest - those detailed pictures don't have as much likes as others. But they look stylish and pretty in your feed. And when someone comes across your channel for the first time a good looking feed makes the decision to follow or not to follow you more easy.


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Never ending ruffle obsession 💕 Who else is in love with this trend?

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Cosy layers are the best and most stylish way to deal with the cold ☝🏻️💕

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I was asked hundreds of times where I got my necklaces from. Apparently layered necklaces are one big trend or just another tiny Instagram phenomenon – anyway,  those necklaces are pretty popular on my Instagram pictures and make your audience go crazy.


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