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tüll, tüllrock, tulle, tulle skirt, boots, chloe, gürteltasche, beltbag, dutt, berge, reisen, leogang, alm, hütte


You guys keep on asking me where I bought pieces I'm wearing. So, today I want to begin my update this shopable look first before the pieces are sold out – it is always a big problem to post my looks as soon as possible so you guys have the possibility to get what you want. Here it is – my look of the day:

what i'm wearing today

tüll, tüllrock, tulle, tulle skirt, boots, chloe, gürteltasche, beltbag, dutt, berge, reisen, leogang, alm, hütte

Asos - Shirt
About You - Skirt - PR Sample
Loavies - Boots
Asos - Necklace
Pandora - Long Necklace - PR Sample
Chloé - Bag


I've been to Leogang in Austra with the brand Eucerin. It was really so idyllic and beautiful there. Additionally I've learned a lot of things about acne and unpure skin - check out my highlight on the Instagram channel of @eucerin_de to see the highlights of the trip with the title Pure Skin Camp. Unfortunately it is in German but maybe it is cool to get some impressions of my time in the camp and see some exercises I did to stay fit and healthy.


I will be traveling to Nice and Cannes to the lions. Of course not that kind of lions you might be thinking about right now. It is a festival called "Cannes Lions -International Festival of Creativity". There will be literally everyone who is working in marketing business. So, stay tuned on my Instagram channel @vcy.w to don't miss any impressions of my trip to French Riviera.


Do you know this situation? Because of everyday life and a lot of blah blah I sometimes forget what is really important to me and what counts the most. I was just thinking about these questions. And, yes, I tend to think and over think a lot. I question myself and my surroundings and love to challenge me to improve my thinking and soul – and that sais nothing about my happiness. Because usually I'm really happy, laughing a lot and am open minded. So, this characteristic is not equal to be "down" or that I'm sinking into depressions. It is just like a period of low energy - a point without creative vibes to change something.  Anyway: I was looking for energy, love, fire and suddenly after months of looking for something I was not able do define the ball started rolling. Suddenly, I met a lot of inspiring and nice, smart and great people that really changed a lot for me. I realized: "Everything happens for a reason" seems to be true somehow. And also the way of spiritual thinking that we subconsciously get what we are looking for seems to be realisitc. And this relaxes me somehow. I understand I don't need ONE answer for a not creative period. I just need to focus my thoughts on something positive and at some point it will come to me automatically. I really feel so blessed right now after months of searching and asking to be at a point where I'm feeling so inspired and happy I had the change to let these people walk right into my life.


I receive a lot if messages of you guys asking me questions about special pieces I'm wearing. Because I decided to do this category here spontaneously I just remember these two latest questions and answer them now in a quick overview. Any questions? Ask me via direct message, mail or comment and I will collect them for the next update or answer them in the Instagram story additionally.

Chanel necklace

anzug, valentinstag, rosen, bauchtasche, beltbag, bluse, romantisch, sonnenbrille, ketten, filigrane ketten, chanelkette, chanel, rosen, blumen, zweiteiler

Loooove this necklace so much. You guys keep on asking about the quality. It is really good, I don't have to clean it and it is not changing it's color or having any other issues.

Filigree jewelry to shop:


kleid, shirt, long shirt, dress, layering, jeans, boots, hut, hat, baker boy hat, handy, smile, fun, zähne, restaurant

You also keep on asking me about this shirt dress. Unfortunately it was sold out right at the moment when I was writing this post. But one of you told me where to find it anyway – so find the active link to the dress right here:


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