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CAPE TOWN!  Currently I am in south african summer and enjoying the weather and this beautiful country. Especially the food places are making me as a victim of skin problems really happy. After my time here I will publish postings about places I recommend you to go to.


You guys keep on asking about my looks on Instagram. I decided to make it as easy as possible for me and for you to get what you want. So, I published this post with my closet during my travels here in South Africa. Enjoy shopping and greetings from Cape Town xx



    1. Vicky

      Ja, das glaube ich dir! Aber es ist auch super toll, sich auf etwas zu freuen und dann zu belohnen 🙂

  1. karla

    Hi, This is my first time visiting your blog. I follow you on instagram sinze (I don't even now when long time) although I don't undertand a single thing of German (well maybe just 2 or 3 words) I love seeing your insta stories.
    I just discover we have German family living in Hamburg. I hope next time I visit I can meet you. Cheers! Keep the awesome work

    1. Vicky

      Hey dear, I also have my blogposts in english version from time to time. Just text me when you will be in Hamburg. I'm sure we can catch up. Looking forward xx

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